Leadership, Wellness Coaching, and Family are my passions

Writing is a dream that I’ve kept tucked away.  I’ve dabbled in a few writing projects from a fitness and health blog (2008-2010) to starting a book manuscript.  I’ve paused in both to focus on “real life” which consists of family and a full-time job that pays bills.

My passions and experiences are in leadership, wellness coaching and family life.

From my leadership training and experiences at the United States Naval Academy and as an Officer in U.S. Navy (1996-2005), I continue to grow and learn in the business sector.

I want to continue to my primary focus in business leadership through writing.

I also enjoy sharing wellness coaching tips and learnings as I maintain my Cooper Institute Personal Trainer Certification (2003-Present) and hope to share lessons with others for healthy living and coaching.

As a wife and mom to three, family life is ever present and my greatest love.  Getting the opportunity to share these moments with others is a gift.

If you’re in need of articles, blog posts, or white papers, then leave a message in the Contact link and I’ll get back to you shortly!

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