People +Processes = Performance

Businesses in today’s age are complicated and interwoven with multiple challenges yet, success lies in the simple application of The Business Equation:  People + Processes = Performance.  The right people with the right processes achieve the right performance.  One imbalance within the equation with either the wrong people or wrong processes will produce poorer performance than desired.

People:  Without people, a building remains empty or machinery/technology remains idle.  People are unique and offer their skill set to the success of the business when they feel engaged and accepted.  When a business offers an environment that brings out the best in their people,  their contributions lead the following:

  • Drive vision and purpose
  • Provide ideas and products
  • Ignite motivation for customers
  • Lifeforce for growth

Processes:  People design and drive the processes.  Processes must possess the following characteristics to contribute to the equation:

  • Simplistic with least path of resistance to goal.
  • Competitive advantage compared to competitors.
  • Repeatable and consistent.

When people and processes are combined to achieve a task, program, or business venture, overall performance will be determined by how successful the two meld.  A leader’s biggest contribution to the business is bringing together the right combination of people who are capable of designing or applying the right processes for the best business results.

What makes it so difficult to get the Right (People + Processes) = Right Performance?


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