Vision Board Provides Direction and Focus

I like creating vision boards.  This is my third in the last five years.  The last two were in presentation form with music and neat segues in and out of each picture, motivational quote or affirmation that helped me envision what I wanted to achieve over the course of one to three years.

My current vision board which was made a little over a year ago has been a daily reminder of where I want to go and how I want to feel. With a few magazines and a desire to capture a feeling of professional growth, opportunity, family values, home satisfaction and personal fitness, these were the selections.

What are the results thus far?

My favorite book that they’ve shared is The Power of Moments.  As a leader, parent, and for anyone wanting to create a special moment for others, this books presents great examples and ideas.

  • Pursuing the opportunity to write.  I used to own a blog over seven years ago but suspended it when I shifted to full-time work.  I’m at a point in my life where I feel that I can successfully do both well.  By sharing ideas that can help others as well as push me to learn, I “own my story. Focus on what matters.” Freelance writing offers me the ability to write about topics I love.
  • Personal well-being and fitness are a constant journey and one in which I have much to change.  It’s an area where I have not been diligent or focused on doing right for myself. I have the training and the knowledge to do what is right.  I have been failing at applying that knowledge.
  • Helping others is important to me.  We can’t succeed without a team and if I am able to help others see the best in themselves, provide a different perspective, or just be available to listen as they work something out themselves, then we all will benefit.  We achieve the right results with a bit of hard work and drive.

Now, it’s your turn.  Try out a Vision Board.  You can create one simply with old magazines and pictures, or use powerpoint or program to create a more visual, musical, or artistic digital one.  As long as you’re able to envision your goals and review them often, then you’ll find yourself working to make the vision board become your reality!

Share.  What is in your future?

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